Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Said Goodbye to my Baby

My girl is no longer my baby. She's turning 9 at the end of the month and yesterday she left with a group of 60 on her first school trip. This is the first time she's ever been off on her own without any family.

It's a big step and we were both a little nervous, but we said our goodbyes without any tears (at least until the bus drove off for me). I left her one note to read for each day. The songs I have sung to her every night of her life included with musical note symbols drawn all around the lyrics.

So many parents talk about how quickly it all goes and how they wish they could keep their little ones little forever. I agree with the first part and not the second.

I love watching them grow up. I love the new conversations we share, seeing them develop into these incredible people. Babies are cute and soft and cuddly and... smelly and messy! My kids are still messy and cuddly and now they are people that I enjoy. They get my jokes, they enjoy my "crazy" in a different way.

They reflect back to me the apparently amazing job that I am doing as a mom. I love all of the stages - knowing that the tough ones will come to an end and curious to see how the next stages will evolve.

Motherhood is where we learn to truly love the journey and rarely is our focus on the destination. We live moment to moment, making the best decisions we can with whatever resources we have, really leaving it up to faith and a lot of hard work that our efforts will benefit the world.

I don't always enjoy being a mom, but I sure love motherhood. How about you?

(c) 2005 Tamara Vellozzo

She's not a baby anymore... thank goodness!


  1. I absolutely love your last sentence. It is priceless to watch our kids grow and learn, from the time they are babies to adults.


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