Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 1 Again and Again Until I Get it Right

Today's Mantra (Source FB)
Another day 1 to come tomorrow. I didn't make it through the school prep this morning. We are all so ready for the Christmas break (yes, I get to say Christmas in regards to school here!). I've spent an hour reading The Orange Rhino blog from this point in her challenge and my spirit is renewed. She repeated day 1 9x in a row before hitting her streak. I will hit my stride.

Yes, I will hit my stride. One thing I realized today is that during my 6-day streak of success I took better care of myself. I gave myself time outs and played calming music during the most stressful parts of the day. That music really helped, I tell you, so I'm back at it today.

This isn't a goal I set lightly nor some modern day anti-actually-parenting-your-children nonsense. No, I believe in discipline and limits. I have no problem telling my children "no" and I have high expectations for their behavior. Sometimes too high, perhaps and I struggle to strike a balance with my husband's more fun-based relaxed (cough*permissive*cough) parenting.

Sometimes too high because then I yell when my expectations of their behavior aren't met, yet now I realize that sometimes they're just being normal boisterous children and I need to let them be. From that I know that I am the one who I need to work on because they deserve that freedom of childhood. To be children. To play, to get loud and to get rough on occasion.

Nature Girl (now 8)
I have to learn to maintain my own sense of peace so that I can let "kids be kids." I have a lot of learning to do; thank goodness that I have three amazing young teachers.

How can I possibly yell at these incredible people that I produced?
The Boy (now 4)
Sweet Rose (now 7)


  1. Honestly I have to work on that too :) Sometimes I get so frustrated and then I look at Matilda and think-What am I doing? Thank God we can just take a breath and realize they all have such precious personalities and it just helps as we learn to work with each one.

    1. Thank you for sharing that. It helps so much to stop a moment and connect with our love for them. That immediately shifts things. I'm happy to report I'm once again on day 2 of the challenge! :)

  2. Oh Tammy your life will be like Gramma said "Have no regrets" Because you are always trying then have "no regrets" Lot's of love AT

  3. The have no regrets remark hit me smack in the head. Mom (Gramma) DID always say No Regrets!! And she was right. I only wish I hadn't yelled so much when my children were growing up. But, cannot go back to redo. So it is up to you to change that cycle. And YOU WILL.

    1. And I am!! Thank you, as always, for your support. Day 9 and counting, though yesterday was a close call... it's harder when I'm feeling under the weather!

  4. At least you are trying! That is all you can do! While you don't want to yell all the time- we have all been yelled at from time to time and survived (and maybe even changed some of our ways). Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself!


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