Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings

This morning, I'm musing. Muse with me?

I'm the featured blogger today over at Mompreneur Mogul's Make My Morning Blog Hop! Whoo hoo. I love being featured, especially by a blogger I respect and admire so very much!

I'm out of Tide, so I can't do any more laundry. Perhaps ever. I'm also out of baby wipes (and of course, the boy just did his business), orange juice and hair gel. Oh yes, and money. Troublesome thing, money.

Back when they were small
My little kids are getting big. A friend, who was much older than me and whose children were already grown and having children of their own, once said to me, "Small children, small problems." I can see where this is going with my eldest daughter. We've got some self-esteem issues brewing. It's curious how two girls, born so close together by the very same parents, can be so different. More on that in another post.

My doctor fired me. It's their policy to discharge patients who have a balance on their account and go into bankruptcy. Can you believe that $%*@?! I don't have insurance anymore, so I wasn't planning on visiting her again soon anyhow. Still.

I've decided I want to get into educational writing. Do you have kindergartners or first-graders? I have one of each and those early readers they use in school are stale. I want some of that action. Kids deserve better books to read! Good steady writing for good steady pay. If you can break in, that is. I'm going to try. It's right up my writing alley. Have you read my book yet? Paperback, Kindle, NOOK - chose your medium. 10 Reviews and giveaways should pop up this week!

I think I'll go hopping now. Shockingly, my children are ready for school with nearly 30-minutes to spare and their lunches and backpacks are ready too (patting myself on the head)!

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Good Monday morning to you. I found you through the Monday Morning Blog Hop (my first) and look forward to hearing more.
    I'm with you on the need to shake up education. My sons' school started a new reading program Superkids from the Rowland Reading Foundation a couple years ago and it's been really successful (PreK - Grade 2).
    I hope you have a great day.

    1. Thanks for visiting! That's the age group I'm targeting. I love emerging readers - I just want to capture them and instill an intense love for reading!

  2. I will have to check out your book... I have been contemplating writing a childrens book as well. How did you get started?
    Hang in there with the doctors office thing. I am a nurse and a case manager once told me that you can find affordable healthcare, you just need to know where to look. It's still a crappy business though. Hope you have a great Monday and I look forward to reading more. Thanks!

    1. I actually started getting serious about writing children's books when I took a course from the Institute of Children's Literature. It's an excellent course with fabulous instructors and they really help you focus and hone your writing. Just as important, they teach you how to write queries and cover letters and how maneuver the market. Feel free to email me if you have more questions. I'm launching a new company to help moms reach their publishing/self-publishing goals very soon!
      Thanks for visiting!!!

  3. Congrats on being the featured site!! On the other hand, I feel your money-pain. We're in the same boat. Not sure how we'll pay rent coming up, wondering when the electric will be shut off, and every job offer my husband seems to receive turns into false hope. With each new day comes a brand new anxiety. I'm sorry to hear about your woes, but know you're not alone! So many of us are experiencing these problems. No laundry detergent. Running low on diaper wipes, toilet paper, and other household necessities. Hmmm...get diapers and wipes, or pay rent? ;-)

    1. It's horrible isn't it? You really do figure out your priorities quickly, though. Thinking my boy needs to get out of those diapers! I may have to cave and do training after all!
      I appreciate your support and comments!!

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