Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bloggy Anniversary!

I didn't even realize it, but September 4th was my 1-year blogging anniversary! I knew I started around the time school began last year, but these days are so busy!

To reflect, I had hoped to make a little extra money through blogging, but I discovered along the way that being a truly monetized blog just isn't in me. I want to write from my heart and not post coupons or daily deals. That's not who I am. I hardly even use coupons! Though there are some good ones on my coupon tab right now... wink, wink!

Blogging does indeed take time and every person has to figure out for themselves what things in their lives deserve priority time. I was blogging 3 or more times a week in the beginning, mainly because I love writing and feel I have something to share with other parents. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes, maybe you can learn what I've learned, and often I can learn from or be comforted by you.  These days my 'real' business is taking priority over most things, including my house and certainly this blog! So, though I blog today, I must also spend time with the two children who are home, do all the mountains of laundry in the house, blog for my business (we open in 2 days!) and try to catch a short nap (more on how my Train-obsessed 2-year-old wants to watch The Little Engine That Could at 2am another day!!!).

I love my blog, I love my readers and I love life! I really do. Every extreme moment and all those in-between.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Responding to comments

For some reason I'm not able to respond to my own comments! It tells me I'm not allowed access! What a crazy thing. I hope its a short blip in this blogger conversion they are doing. You can't tell from viewing, because my blog looks the same as always, but the inner workings are different!

So, to Losing Brownies, I thank you for continuing to follow me and make thoughtful comments even though my posts of late are few and far between! And to anyone else out there reading, I thank you!

Friday, September 2, 2011

School supplies aren't just for school kids!

Moms of toddlers up should head straight to the nearest super store and LOAD UP on crayons, glue sticks, pads of paper, washable markers and the like. Seriously, shop for the entire year. At my local store, a 24-pack of crayola crayons are just 40 cents! I went for the cheaper brand at 20 cents a box!!! I bought 10 boxes for what would have normally cost me for 2!

Pads of paper were also 20 cents for a lined 1 subject notepad. I love these for my ever-creative daughters because instead of having 30 pieces of paper all over the dining table, all of their precious drawings are kept in one place.

Pencil boxes to contain arts and craft supplies, glue sticks, dry erase markers, and so much more (like the stores say) were also major bargains. So, get your booties to the store and stock up for a year of preschool creativity!